Make Rugs Not War

Surprisingly, war and rugs can cross paths. It is found in Afghanistan weavings. In Afghanistan, where war has become a part of  life, there are not too many industries who can operate in the hostile and unpredictable environment. Yet, weaving has endured, with a wide range of textiles coming out of the country.With these tribal weavings, we often see the pieces of everyday life woven into the textile, such as animals, plants, and people. The thriving hand woven wool rugs are made with natural vegetal dyes which actually come from plants and minerals.

One of our favorite things about all of this is that soldiers are major buyers of the rugs. What makes these rugs stand out, is that they were made by someone who cared about the product they were creating. Skills like carpet weaving give the ability to earn a living. Although, the people of Afghanistan do not buy the rugs but they are important to their history.

We want to remind everyone about something that is being created, and created brightly and beautiful in a country that has been persistently exposed to hardships. If you would like to help girls and women in Afghanistan to continue their education and become trained in a craft like carpet weaving, there are numerous sites such as and There, you can make small donations that help build better lives. These sites create a big difference for the individuals there.

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