Custom Sisal Stair Runner, Wellesley

Many people ask where and how sisals are used in your home. Because these natural fibers aren’t particularly soft to the touch, people are skeptical of their practicality. What people don’t know is how durable and forgiving these materials can be. Better yet, they are manufactured with inherent flaws that hide dirt, stains, and general traffic. The best places to use sisals are in entryways, stairs, living rooms, and dining rooms. I would not recommend them for indoor/outdoor applications, bedrooms, or family rooms. They are best used as area rugs and runners rather than wall to wall applications. There are a number of ways to fabricate, but the most common and decorative way is wide binding. Wide binding comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and materials. We are always happy to offer design advice on how to finish these rugs and runners. Above is a photo of a custom stair runner we recently fabricated and installed in Wellesley. The material is a wool/sisal blend and is finished with a 5″ linen binding. The runner continues up the stairs, around numerous turns, and into the upstairs hall. The entire job was cut to fit. Just an unbelievable technical job that was done flawlessly by our installation team.