Q & A With Best Carpet Installers in Massachusetts

Get To Know The Best Carpet Installers in Massachusetts In our previous Blog post we featured our master craftsman, Peter Lovetere who answered questions many of us wanted to know. We were especially happy to know just how interested everyone was to learn how he began his life in the carpet trade. Without further ado, […]

The Unsung Heroes of The Carpet Workroom – The Carpet Installers

At the end of the day, the carpet installers at The Carpet Workroom are the most valuable members of our team. It’s up to their skills and experience to execute every project! We often talk about the finished products and how beautiful they come out but never really applaud the ones who actually created it. […]

Tips for Your Home While Self Isolating – Stair Runner Safety

Increase The Safety In Your Home With A Stair Runner One of the most common reasons why customers come to us for a stair runner is because a member of their family has fallen down their stairs. Unfortunately, we hear this scenario a lot more often than we should. Hardwood floors are beautiful and are […]

How To Customize Your Own Carpet or Rug

Custom Carpet and Rug Options Are you tired of seeing the same patterns and colors? Do you want something different than your friends and neighbors? We have a few carpet mills that allow customization to their standard offering. It may feel like a new concept, but these manufacturers specialize in made to order carpets and […]

Luxury for Less – High Quality Carpet at an Affordable Price

High Quality Products at Affordable Prices Do you have champagne taste on a beer budget? If yes, than you are in the overwhelming majority of homeowners looking to update their homes with carpet and rugs. Don’t fret! There are a number of ways for you to have your cake and eat it to. You just […]

Custom Carpet Project Guide

My name is Matt Lovetere and I will be guiding you through the outline of our process. I also happen to be one of the founders and the CEO of The Carpet Workroom. If you’ve ever worked with us in the past, I was most likely lending a hand on the project. I opened our […]