Frequently Asked Questions

At The Carpet Workroom, we get a lot of repeat questions asked.

It is our job to make the carpet buying process as easy on the customer as possible, no matter what the project is. Below we’ve come up with a list of answers to some of the questions we receive the most and some definitions to some of the terminology that we use the most in the carpet business.

What is broadloom carpet?

“Broadloom carpet” is a term used for carpet produced in widths wider than 6 feet. Broadloom is usually 12 feet wide, but may also be 13 feet 2 inches but widths of 15 feet and 16 feet 4 inches are becoming increasingly more popular. Broadloom carpet is extremely customizable and can be made into various shapes and and be installed on stairs, wall-to-wall, in basements, etc.

What is a “Carpet Remnant”?

Traditionally, a carpet remnant is a piece of leftover carpet from any sort of installation or fabrication. This term is also used for the balance rolls remaining in the warehouses of carpet mills. Because they are always looking to move inventory, they sell these roll ends in packages at a discount. For us, the term “carpet remnant” has come to mean any piece of carpet that is sold at a discount.

New Stark carpet remnants

Carpet Remnants

What is “Carpet Fabrication”?

Fabrication refers to any piece of carpet that has a binding put on it. Whether it is a stair runner, hallway runner, or area rug, whenever we cut a piece of material and put an edging to it is considered fabrication.

What is carpet binding?

Binding is the finished edge of an area rug or stair runner. Any carpet that isn’t installed wall-to-wall will have a binding on it. Carpet binding comes in a multitude of colors and is typically made of cotton, polyester, linen, leather, etc. Binding also comes in various widths, from 3/4″ to 5″, each giving your rug a unique look. There is also “serging” which is a cotton yarn that wraps the edge of the material.

What is a Stair Runner?

Stair runners are any type of carpet that is installed on to your stairs. Stair runners can be installed on straight stairs, stairs with a landing, and stairs with pie shaped turns.

What is sisal carpet?

Sisal carpet is a natural carpet material that is made from the fibers of sisal plants, a Mexican agave specifically cultivated for its fibers. It is an extremely durable type of carpet material with one exception, that when it gets wet it does discolor, which means it can’t be cleaned by your typical cleaning methods. If you want to learn more about sisal carpet, check out our blog.

What are some of the benefits of carpet?

Aside from being stylish and adding a decorative touch to your home, carpet also helps reduce slips and falls and reduces noise in the home. Carpet and rugs help reduce the sounds of every day life, such as TV and music blaring from your child’s bedroom upstairs. Any thickness will work and adding a pad underneath will help even more with absorbing sound as well as providing traction and cushioning on your floors.

If you have any additional questions for something that wasn’t covered here, feel free to send us an email at or give us a call at 888.388.9248.