Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Packages

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Packages

With the increased volume of carpet cleaning projects that we are doing, we’ve decided to offer a few value packages for multiple area rugs and multiple areas of your home! Along with bulk pricing, we’re offering upholstery cleaning as well, so if you’ve been looking to get your furniture cleaned, now is the chance!

Value Priced Carpet Cleaning Packages*

10 Areas for $700 (up to 30% Off)
8 Areas for $600 (up to 25% Off)
6 Areas for $480 (up to 20% Off)
5 Area for $425 (up to 15% Off)


*An area is considered a room of carpet, set of stairs, or large area rug. Rooms over 200 square feet may be considered 2 areas.*


We also offer upholstery cleaning, so if you have a sofa, love seat, or other type of upholstered furniture that needs to be cleaned we can help you out there also.


Value Priced Upholstery Cleaning Packages*
$1000 Worth of Upholstery Cleaning for $700
$800 Worth of Upholstery Cleaning for $600
$600 Worth of Upholstery Cleaning for $480
$500 Worth of Upholstery Cleaning for $425


*Prices based on $180 for a standard “3 seat sofa,” $120 for a “love seat,” and $60 for a fully upholstered chair. Prices for sectional sofas and non- standard sized/shaped pieces may vary*


For all of our cleaning projects, we use environmentally friendly, certified green cleaning products. To learn more about the products we use, click here. Please contact us with any inquiries about cleaning your carpets or upholstery!
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