Q&A: Custom Runner Collaboration with Whiteberry Home

Recently, we spoke with Whiteberry Home, a distinguished designer, to discuss the inner workings of our latest custom creation. At the core of this collaboration lies a bespoke stair runner, meticulously crafted and installed to enhance both style and functionality in her home.

Follow along with our Q&A session as we take a deep dive and learn more about the inspiration and process behind this project with Whiteberry Home!

Meet Whiteberry Home

Phoebe Edmonson, better known as Whiteberry Home, is the creative mind behind the stunning transformations in her own home in the North Shore. Phoebe’s home decor journey on Instagram began in New Jersey. However, more recently, Phoebe and her family made the move to the Boston Suburbs, settling into a charming red brick colonial and starting on a fresh new home transformation.

With a passion for blending affordable finds with classic design, she’s been on a mission to transform their new beautiful home into a cozy retreat filled with personality. Sharing her design journey on Instagram has earned her a loyal following, drawn to her DIY projects and knack for infusing spaces with warmth and character. Today, we’re diving into her latest endeavor—a collaboration with The Carpet Workroom to bring a touch of elegance to her staircase with a custom-made runner. Let’s explore the inner workings behind this exciting project!


Q: Before we dive into the stair runner project, let’s talk a bit about your design style. Can you tell us about the initial inspiration & design concepts that are going into designing your space? How do those elements tie into your carpet selection?

A: I love to create colorful, classic, timeless interiors. A stair runner is such an important design feature in a home from both a practical and aesthetic standpoint. You will use it daily and see it all the time, so you better like it! That is how I chose the classic Peter Island beige with its timeless herringbone design. I want the entry to stand the test of time so the key design features such as the stair runner are ageless and then I plan to add character & color with accessories & art.

Q: How does the choice of a beige, herringbone carpet style contribute to the overall aesthetic in contrast to other styles you took into consideration? Also, how does it compare to the previous runner installed? (In other words, what led you to ultimately choose the Peter Island – Beige carpet style?)

A: The stair runner we inherited with the home a year ago was too dark for the entry so I knew that I needed to choose something lighter but still practical for a busy family home with two young boys and a Westie! The beige is not too light and the pattern helps too! Our home is a beautiful red brick colonial and you see the stairs as soon as you enter the front door so it is a key feature to creating a light and bright family home.

Q: For this project, you decided to incorporate the stair rods from your previous runner to give it a classy and tailored look. What about stair rods stood out to you and led you to keep them in your stair runner upgrade? As a home design expert, what tips would you offer someone looking to incorporate stair rods into their home?

A: I always knew that the stair rods would stay. I love this classic detail. They add so much character to the stairs and keep this space unique to our home. I do feel that stair rods are a special design element that would complement most homes. If you want a more traditional look, I would definitely consider a brass finish and for a more contemporary scheme chrome or polished nickel. Black is also a great option!

Q: How did you first hear about The Carpet Workroom? Did anything stand out to you about our brand or expertise that led you to collaborate with us on your stair runner project?

A: We moved to MA last year, and a friend advised me to reach out to The Carpet Workroom. From my first conversation, I knew that it was going to be an excellent working relationship. Your expertise is second to none, communication is always timely, and the showrooms provide so much inspiration. I work with brands where I can see that we can build a business relationship. My friends, followers, and clients trust the brands I recommend.

Q: How did our team’s expertise help you throughout the process and help you decide on the right style/install specifications for your space? Are there any specific moments that our team’s expertise stood out to you?

A: Communication is key for a project like this, and the team was always able to help me by sending samples, recommending borders, and install type. I never felt any pressure to choose a carpet but I was given all the information and prior install photos which really helped me to eventually choose.

Q: Closing remarks: What are some design tips/advice you would like to give homeowners that are interested in installing a stair runner in their space? (e.g., any suggestions on how to decide patterns or fiber materials? (Tips on pattern layout, tips on how to tie it to the home’s aesthetic, etc.)

A: Do it! This is one design element you will never regret. You will use it and see it every day. It will be both practical and pretty. Choose a pattern that you know you won’t get tired of and that suits your home’s aesthetic. Also, think about how you use the stairs, shoes on, shoes off, etc., when it comes to deciding on color! Remember you can add a custom border to your runner, keep it in a similar color range, or make a contrast. A great detail to make the runner unique to you & your home!

In closing, our collaboration with Whiteberry Home has illuminated the beauty of merging creativity and craftsmanship. From the inception of her stair runner project to its final installation, our partnership has showcased the transformative power of custom design. Whiteberry Home’s discerning eye for style, coupled with our expertise in carpet fabrication, has resulted in a bespoke creation that seamlessly blends elegance with functionality, setting the stage for a warm and inviting home.

We invite you to continue following Whiteberry Home’s design journey on Instagram (@whiteberryhome) for more inspiration and insights. You can view a closer look at the transformation in this instagram reel: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6KEkV_JLJs/?igsh=aWx0NGgyanpibDF4

If you’re inspired to embark on your own custom carpet project, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Reach out to us today to get started on crafting a space that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle. Let’s collaborate to turn your design dreams into reality!

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