Top February Carpet Transformations

Despite February being the shortest month of the year, our team has been busy completing many amazing projects we’re excited to share!
If you’re new here, each month we share a little background information about three projects — the location of where it took place and if there is a reason behind why a specific material was selected. The idea is to provide the story of “before” the stair runner and then showcase the “after” photographs with the runner installed.
We’ve chosen three of February’s top stair runner transformations to share with our readers. Let us know what you think about them!

New Stair Runner, Yippee! (Milton, MA)

For this project, the homeowner loved the sample of our roll special, Cliffside, in an Indigo color way! The family liked the color against their wood floors and railings and felt it matched the overall vibe of this New England home. Cliffside was a good fit for the home, as it is 100% wool and made of a wilton construction. That combination is not suitable for a home with pets. This family does not have any pets, but they do have a few young kiddos running around.
Before their runner, they had hardwood floors. Those are beautiful to look at until you mix socks and hard flooring, which can get slippery quickly. This is one reason installing a stair runner in your home adds an extra layer of safety — it prevents falls and slips down the stairs. Not only does a runner cushion your staircase, but it also helps with noise reduction. No more sneaking down the stairs for cookies and milk in the middle of the night!

The homeowner welcomed our marketing team to photograph their new stair runner to showcase this beautiful addition. Check out a few posts and IG reels on our Instagram page!

Bridal Staircase Runner (Millis, MA)

This homeowner had found us through Instagram! BTW, If you don’t follow already, you can now! We post almost all of our best work onto social media so that those who use Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest can use our projects for inspiration. This family recently bought a new home in Millis, MA. They were waiting for renovation work to be completed before moving in and wanted to install a stair runner on their bridal staircase – called such because of its shape. When the homeowners came to our Needham showroom, they were inspired by a photo of a recent project that was actually in the same neighborhood with the same exact layout of their home.
They loved Peter Island Stripe in the Graphite color and Martinique in the Silver color way.

They had samples mailed to them and mulled it over until they landed on Martinique Silver. This style has both gray and beige colors, which is the main reason why they loved this style. Since their staircase is the only set of stairs going to the second floor, they wanted something durable. Wool is one of the best options in that scenario.
If you’re interested in this product and would like more information, please reach out to us via email at to get started!

See below of the floor plan!

Basement Renovation (Medfield, MA)

Our last featured project this month was located in Medfield, MA. The homeowner had set up an appointment to our Needham showroom to start their basement renovation project. What made this large project go smoothly was when they provided photos of the basement, floor plans and a realistic budget. This really goes a long way for our project managers while preparing for your appointment. The homeowners had expressed interest in a light-colored soft carpet for their lower level space. Since there are kids and pets in the home, the family brought a few different styles home. Ultimately, they even chose to add a stair runner for their main staircase. Can you take a wild guess on what style they selected on the spot? Yes, it was our roll special, Peter Island Stripe, in Graphite. They fell in love with the examples of it on our Instagram and after having the sample in hand it fit exactly what they were looking for.

And all of that was before we even started on their basement project! They took several samples home the day of their visit, and a few additional samples were mailed to their home. The homeowners loved Shaw, Keen Senses, in the color Crisp Linen. When you see it up close, this is an off-white color.
Our team visited the home to provide an accurate price quote for the project. That initial visit allows us to ask a few questions to the homeowners once we’ve seen the project in person and vice versa. We are also able to take note of any furniture in the room and anything that could prepare us for installation day.

The homeowner made two upgrades to this project. First, they added green guard to their entire project. With any light colored carpet, we recommend adding our stain preventative. To learn more please visit our blog post about this preventative! The second upgrade was to add a thicker, cushioned pad underneath. Since this lower-level space is kid friendly, extra cushioning was needed! To learn more about our blue pad, please email us at thank you!
Now, it’s time to enjoy some before and after pictures of this space!

To get started on your stair runner project with us, please email us at with the following details.
– Where you are located
– Photos of your staircase, hallways or space
– Style you have in mind for this project (can be screenshots from our Instagram or Pinterest accounts)
– The budget you have for this project
– If there are any pets or children in the home!

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