Transforming a House into a Home

The month of November was an incredibly busy month for us here at The Carpet Workroom! We had many fun and unique installations and deliveries, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching, many homeowners wanted their projects completed for those holidays.

If you’re new here, we feature a “Transformation Tuesday” project each week on our social media. We share a little background information about the project — location, if there is a designer attached to the project, and if there is a reason behind why a specific material was selected. The idea is to provide the story of “before” the stair runner and then showcase the “after” photographs with the runner installed. 

We’ve chosen one large project that was completed in November that had multiple components. Let us know what you think!

New Home, New Carpet! (Lexington, MA)

For this project, the homeowner worked with interior designer Samantha of Samantha Carey Interiors. This homeowner bought their beautiful home within the past year and has made some major interior upgrades in that time. Those upgrades include new stair runners on the main, attic, and basement staircases, as well as a family room area rug and dining room area rug. The overall project from start to finish took about 5 months to complete. When the project kicked off, the home was being built and looked like the following photo below. For the main stairs, Samantha chose a beautiful, dark blue, wilton wool carpet. This style is very popular, but the colorway has been a recent addition to our showroom. Samantha wanted the bold blue to be the first thing people see when entering this home.

Here are a few “after” photos of the stair runner installed on the main staircase! It’s amazing to see how much of a difference this home looks now that a runner has been installed.


At the bottom of this staircase is the dining room. Let’s take a look at the area rug selected for this space. The carpet chosen is “Nevis” by Kaleen. It is a flat-weave wool style that is great for homes with pets, kids and high traffic areas. It was important that the dining room chairs could smoothly move along this area rug. If you look closely at the photos, the binding color is a light lavender-purple color that is very unique and stunning. The front door is the same color, so Samantha wanted to pull that small detail into this dining room space.

We don’t have any before photos of this space, but here are some detailed shots of the carpet!

Now, moving onto the basement staircase! Both the homeowner and interior designer wanted to do something fun for these steps that lead down to the basement. Samantha proposed our roll special, Little Sorrel in Blue, to add some flare to this staircase. The style is a flat-weave wool carpet with integrated stripes in gray, cream, and navy blue colors. It has a nautical vibe, but in this case, the design works great with some other details in the home. A last-minute detail change on this stair runner was the large mitered landing, which definitely was a great move. Our head of operations suggested the idea and thought the transition would look smooth in this smaller space. See the photos below!

For the family room, the area rug had to be something unique, but also complementsome existing furniture pieces. Samantha chose “Stitchery Stripe” by Crescent. A very new style that has not been used in any of our projects,  this was the perfect opportunity to introduce it to our customers. The vertical stitched stripes are stunning to the eye. To keep the space neutral, Samantha chose the color “Pearl.” The 15’ width was a huge factor and is something to keep in mind when selecting or creating a large custom area rug. The serged edges are another key detail Samantha wanted for this area rug. It really finished the overall look!

Last, but not least, is the attic stair runner! This top floor space is mostly used as an extra/office space. For this staircase, located right off the primary bedroom, Samantha selected a beautiful light and neutral wool style to keep everything light and airy. The tweed detail of “Filbert” really completes the look leading up to the third floor.


This project has been fun to watch from start to finish! It’s amazing how many details go into large projects like this one. It’s always fun to Collaborate with interior designers because when they have a style in mind we can assist them in finding the perfect product for their clients. If you have any questions about this project or the products used, please feel free to email thank you!


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