Everything You Need to Know About Custom Area Rugs

There’s something magical about finding the right rug for your home. It can transform a cold, empty space into one that feels warm and inviting. Certain rooms in your home like the entryway can offer a great opportunity to make a statement or tell a story with a rug’s design. Each room in your home has a different vibe and if you approach your selections with thought, you’ll soon find that the right area rug can make all the difference. Our goal at The Carpet Workroom is quite simple, to transform your house into your home.

Cut to Fit connected hallway and stair runner

The Carpet Workroom is not only known for installing and fabricating stair runners, but also custom area rugs as well! Not all rooms are created equal, so why do rugs seem to only be available in rectangular shapes? Not to mention that most manufacturers only offer standard sizes like 9 x 12, 8 x 10, 6 x 9 etc. Whose home comes standard at this point?!? What if your space is open concept or has odd dimensions? Any standard rectangular rug will struggle to fit the space. This is where we come into play. Our expert fabricators are known for creating oversized area rugs, unusual shapes, and imaginative finishes. If you can dream it up, we can likely make it. Below you’ll find more information about our process and some different ways that you can create a custom rug that is unique to your home.

How do I get started with a custom rug project?

If the standard sizes that area rugs are made don’t work for you, we are able to create exactly what you need. When you’re inquiring about a custom area rug, please send along photos of the space and any room dimensions you can provide. The more information you can provide up front, the faster we’ll be able to get your new rug into production. If you have any photos or links to products that served as inspiration, please send those along as well. The best way to submit your inquiry is by emailing info@carpetworkroom.com. If you are having a tough time finding the right material, check out our Pinterest or Instagram pages to view our photo galleries!

Custom Area Rugs Work with Angled or Curved Walls

Rooms aren’t always finished with squared off edges, especially in older cities like Boston. Often times we encounter angled or even curved walls, but there are a lot of oddities and different shapes that your room can take—from trapezoids to ovals. If your space has an angled or curved wall, you’re going to want to create your own custom-shaped rug to fit into that space. We call this type of product a cut-to-fit rug because it perfectly fills in a space leaving a consistent reveal of flooring around the perimeter of the room.

Custom area rug with custom cut against wall

For angled walls, create a custom area rug with one of the corners clipped. Before ordering, we’ll need to come to your home to create a template of the space using template paper or by creating a custom production diagram.

For curved walls, we take the same approach but with a rounded edge instead of a straight one. Commonly curved area rugs are often semi-circles, ovals, and rounds, but if you need a unique shape, try drawing a diagram for us to review. This ensures that the rug is cut to match the exact shape you need. We most certainly have adopted the mentality of measuring twice and cutting once to ensure accuracy and a perfect fit the day of the delivery.

Unfortunately if you don’t take this template approach you’ll have to settle for an area rug that’s too small for the space and leaves the angled part of the room uncovered, creating an awkward void of empty space. This is never a good idea for interior design. In fact, most designers will tell you that that best designed home does everything with purpose.

Custom Cut-to-Fit Fireplace Area Rugs

One project type that comes up time and time again is a living room with a fireplace. Most of the time, these rooms are long and narrow and rarely properly accommodate a standard area rug. The rule of thumb is that that better the rug fits the room, the larger the space feels. This is why this type of space necessitates a custom approach.

Cut to Fit wool area rug around a fire place

Fireplaces typically have hearths that expand out from the walls a couple of feet. While this creates a warm and inviting space, it also makes it hard to find the right area rug. With a hearth to work around, a rectangle or square rug will have a difficult time hugging around the corners of the hearth, leaving plenty of empty space near your wall. This creates a gap that’s strange to look at and a space with chaotic walking paths. By designing a custom area rug to fit around the hearth, you can avoid creating those empty spaces and fill out the room the way it’s meant to. This type of project, as well as others with “cut ins” and “jogs” also require templating and a multi measure approach.

The custom fireplace area rugs are incredibly unique and add some personality to the room. Check out the photos below of some of our favorite projects.

Please keep in mind that broadloom carpeting allows for the most levels of customization. The reason is that this material is manufactured on a loom either 12′, 13′, 15′, or 16′. Most area rugs you find online are made with a maximum width of 12′. The wider materials provided by broadloom carpeting gives you the extra dimension you may need to properly fit your space. We can make custom alterations to standard area rugs and runners but we don’t have the same sort of creative freedom as we do with broadloom carpeting. The other challenge is that the rugs that you can order online come with a factory finish. If we need to make alterations to those materials we often times have difficulty matching the exact factory finish. These alteration projects are very common and work fine but are rarely perfect. Our recommendation is instead to start from scratch with a broadloom carpet material and we can control the process to ensure you get the best materials for your home.

If you have questions or would like to get started on a project, please email us at info@carpetworkroom.com thank you!

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