Most Popular Carpet and Rugs of 2020

The new year is fast approaching which means that there are new home fashion trends on the horizon! A new year means a fresh start, not just for burning off all of those holiday calories, but it’s also the perfect time to refresh your home. If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your interior design in 2021 take a look back at a few trends that we believe will make their way into popular culture in the coming months.


Peter Island Stripe has been a top seller for the past few years now and we don’t see that slowing down. Our new stock is due in mid-January and a large portion has already been pre-sold! This flat woven wool has been fabricated into custom stair and hallway runners, area rugs, and even installed wall to wall. One of our clients has said, “I chose this style because I love the neutral herringbone, and the dark stripes make it even more interesting”. There comes a point when a product remains popular for for several years that it’s time to graduate from trend to timeless sophistication. Peter Island Stripe has officially been reclassified!


This muted, blue/grey flat woven wool has been trending ever since we installed it as a stair runner last winter. The subtle herringbone is stunning to the eye and does not distract you from other interior objects in the home. This particular style is great if you have kids and pets in the home. Thayne comes in two color options; Pebble and Marine.


Heatherly is not just “another” herringbone style. It is a very soft and eclectic carpet trend. It comes in 4 different colors and has been used in many different settings. This versatile carpet may also be one of the softest flat weaves available on the market. We have installed all colorways this year but the most popular have been “Gabardine”  and “Chevron”. The various neutrals and subtle pattern make it a classic look no matter your style which is why it made our list of most popular carpet and rugs of 2020.


At this point, just about everyone knows the blue antelope print called Deerfield. You can spot it in many photos on our Instagram feed and on our showroom floor! This polypropylene carpet is incredibly soft underfoot and comes in many different colors. This animal print is one that we believe will stick around for a little longer because people can’t get enough. Since Deerfield is a cut pile carpet, this style would make a great area rug, stair and hallway runner. If you have kids and pets in the home, this would be just what you’re looking for! There’s no doubt that Deerfield is one of the most popular carpets on the market today.

PETER ISLAND (no stripe)

Similar to Peter Island Stripe, but without the stripe, this carpet is toward the top of our list of most popular carpet and rugs in 2020. If you’re looking for something with just a herringbone pattern, this style is perfect for you. It comes in some great neutral colors, also some really fantastic blues and then some bright colored options! The most popular colors we have used are Beige, Grey, Navy and Light Blue. Click here, to see all the colors of Peter Island!


Cliffside is the most popular Wilton wool that we’ve seen in years. The colors that are chosen over and over again are Indigo and Stone but this popular carpet comes in many color options. The Indigo, which is this beautiful dark navy blue color below seems to work in just about every type of home! The Stone is great for those looking to add more neutrals to their interior. Sister styles of Cliffside that are part of the same collection include, Lorimar, Ravine and Duplin.


Oil Nut Bay is another flat woven product known for its beautifully distressed diamond pattern. This style has been a popular carpet choice this year because of its durability and symmetry.  The geometric diamond shapes are exactly what customer are looking for when they want some variation and texture for their floors. Even when you take turns, you’re always looking at the pattern from same direction. This wool carpet is great for spaces that get a lot of high traffic which make it a popular rug choice as well.

We hope this helps give you a good sense of what carpet styles were selected and installed the most this year. There is great variety throughout the best sellers list this year which makes it fun it comes to choosing a soft surface to cover your hard floors.

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