Interior Design Trends For 2021

If you are preparing to improve your home in 2021 this is the Blog for you. One way to freshen up your home’s look and feel is a new runner for your stairs! If you don’t have any stairs, change out your old area rugs or replace that old carpet that’s been an eyesore for years. We have many styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Interested in knowing what interior design choices have been selected for 2021? Keep reading!

For the upcoming years, many of the “in” colors are warm and comforting hues. These colors help make home a place where we can relax, recharge and feel comfortable. We see a lot of warm color hues from soft pastel tones and serene blues. Gray and beige are both popular options that always can start as a base color. The bright pop colors come into play which have been a trend as they bring in cheerfulness into the space. It is always a nice combination of calm hues and pop of bright color.

Bright Ivory Room
Beautiful bright room in Nantucket, MA home


Neutrals seem to be the more popular choice lately and carpet is a great to incorporate color and patterns. These shades of what people in the industry call “greige” is a mix of the two colors, grey and beige, that can be subtly mixed to create a unique color that covers warm and cool tones.

To set the tone in the home, grays and beiges are meant to replicate nature. These colors create the feeling of stability, growth and potential. Seen in the photo to the right is a room with ivory-off white walls and a fairly light sisal custom area rug. For this project, the idea was to keep this space light, bright and airy. The designer chose carpeting that would add texture to this space. The mix of ivory colors and sisal textures makes the mind feel relaxed and at ease.


Next year people will likely be staying at home more often, especially in the winter and spring. One thing we’ve noticed is that a lot of clients are in need of replacing their old carpeting because they’re seeing it every day. It is most likely outdated and tired and they are looking to add something more modern and contemporary. These styles include houndstooth, plaids, zig zags, stripes and more! There’s just so much to choose from now compared to 10 years ago. It may sound funny but people are actually finding a way to express themselves through carpet and rugs.

Creativity is on top of mind and a great way to make your home unique is to add bold prints to your floors! These fun bold prints are making a come back and we couldn’t be any happier. The best part about this trend is knowing know that your combination of patterns and colors is unique to your own personality. See below for some bold and colorful inspiration. A great place to start looking for colorful carpets is the Missoni Collection by Prestige Mills. There are some great multi colored options with various patterns to choose from.

Bright Prestige Mills Missoni Zig Zag Carpet
Prestige Mills Missoni Carpet with colorful zig zag pattern


2021 is all about becoming more adventurous. This means mixing patterned carpet with printed couches for that head-turning home interior. Our patterned carpets and rugs allow people to explore and express their personality through their homes. There is an influx of patterns such as florals, stripes, geometrics, and animal prints that are becoming incredibly popular. There is no need to be scared of animal print as it can be done tastefully in neutral shades. This applies to all the other patterns as well. Even though prints can be wild, they are surprisingly easy to use as a statement piece on the floor. They can be classified as a neutral for the palette but can incorporate a mix of of neutrals, browns, grays, blues, and other pop colors. See photo below to see a mix of cool neutrals in a cut pile carpet by Kane.

Want your house to have this clean, crisp look? Read below for cleaning info from a professional carpet cleaner.



Geometric prints have been a popular trend across the interior areas for quite some time and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Even though the herringbone pattern has always been a favorite, it has now become the most popular style in the flooring world. The geometric shapes will be varied in different sizes, textures and colors. Mills are becoming more experimental with these shapes. They are making these styles in both neutral and bright colored options. See photo below of a large custom cut-to-fit area rug. This material is a geometric sisal with wide binding.

Geometric Sisal Dining Room Custom Area Rug
Beautiful custom area rug for dining room space

How To Choose Carpet

So how do you choose which styles is right for you? To begin, it’s imperative to have the intended function of the room at the forefront of your mind when starting your search. Ask yourself, “what kind of feel do I want to create? How will the room be used?” By asking yourself these questions it will help guide you towards the perfect choice of your space.


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