How to Shop from Home for Carpets and Rugs

Spring cleaning and home improvements must go on!

For most type A personalities, the budding flowers and warmer temperatures typically signal that it’s time for spring cleaning! This year, unfortunately, most of us are stifled by the Coronavirus and all of the social restrictions that have come with it. It’s a trying time to say the least, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your fix when it comes to home improvements. This year more than most, you’ll just have to get creative and try something new. As a business we are hard at work trying to find creative accommodations to help you shop from home and get that new flooring installed to help freshen your home. Here are some tips and resources to help you shop from home for carpets and rugs!

I’m sure you’ve been at home, watching the news, waiting for updates. Perhaps you’ve grown tired with that and start pacing around the house looking for ways to be productive. Have you grown tired of the old carpets or rugs that have been in your home since the day you moved in? More than ever, we are starting to notice where improvements can be made as we are stuck inside. It may not seem it, but this is actually a great time to freshen up your floors.

  • Our usual wait time is 4 weeks and beyond, but because volume has decreased, we are able to turn around projects even faster. A lot of you have said that you’re “holding off until things go back to normal”. I completely understand but worry that when things go back to normal, there will be longer than average lead times for projects. Once we get the green light, there is going to be a surge of inquiries and orders. An order that may take just weeks now may turn into months down the road. If you plan to make a flooring improvement, the best time is now! If you want to wait until after the ban is lifted for the installation, we will store your materials in our warehouse free of charge.
  • To further incentivize purchasing now, we are offering up to 10% off all flooring materials from now until the ban is lifted. We don’t often discount these materials often so now is a great time to save money on the project you planned on doing anyway! If you have a budget restriction, please let your project manager know so we can make suggestions that will fit into your budget. If you haven’t been connected with a project manager, please email info@carpetworkroom to get started.

Our showrooms may be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t view and touch samples. Just about every one of our manufacturers is still operating in at least a limited capacity. Carpet and other flooring materials are just sitting in warehouses across the US waiting to be shipped. More than ever, these companies are offering free and easy ways to connect you with their products. The complimentary swatches can be shipped anywhere in the US through the mail and will arrive in just a few business days. To view the different digital showrooms, please click one of the links below:

Maggie helping a customer look at rug samples
Shop for carpets and rugs from home by clicking one of the links below!

Once you make a material selection, we’ll need to review the layout. We ask that you take photos of the space(s) from several angles to help us obtain a visual understanding of the layout of your home. You can even capture a virtual tour of your space by video. If you’re able to take your own measurements, that’s even better! Don’t worry, as we get closer to the installation date, we’ll meet with you on site (with masks and gloves if necessary) to firm up the cut plan. To help you visualize what different products will look like in a similar space, please browse one of our digital portfolios below. Feel free to send along links or screenshots if you have questions or want to see samples:


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