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High Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Do you have champagne taste on a beer budget? If yes, than you are in the overwhelming majority of homeowners looking to update their homes with carpet and rugs. Don’t fret! There are a number of ways for you to have your cake and eat it to. You just need to know where to look for the bargains. Price has always been, and will always be, a significant indicator of quality. However, choosing a an economical option doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make a sacrifice. Although we like to consider ourselves to be a high end product and service provider, we strive to make sure high quality carpet and rugs are available for everyone at different price points. 

In-stock Rolls

One way we deliver on discounted prices is through our in-stock roll program. Very recently, we have worked on this program to ensure our customers get the most popular carpet choices at affordable prices. We’ve selected several materials and colors based on best sellers, design trends, and manufacturer recommendations. Purchasing this way allows us to offer up to 25% off retail prices for the exact same styles. We house these rolls in our workroom so they are readily available for projects that needs a quick turn around, and better yet don’t carry a freight charge. Our in stock rolls have become more and more popular everyday and are a great way to obtain luxury for less. To learn more about the selections and prices, please visit our online store!


100% wool carpet with dark gray stripe fabricated into a stair runner
Because of the neutral colors and durable construction, this 100% wool flat weave has been one of our most popular stair runners.

Cost Effective Mill Options:

We work with numerous manufacturers who offer hundreds of styles. Typically, within certain collections there are products that cover all different budgets. For example, Nourtex and Kane offer trendy styles at low prices without sacrificing quality. Kane is known for its polypropylene materials that come in bright colors, shags, and unique designs. Because the products are made with synthetic yarns, they price out at about half the price of their wool competitors. Nourtex has many options that are made from synthetic fibers that are blended with wool. They feel like 100% wool products and clean just as well, but the prices significantly drop when they are wool blends. The other misconception is that all wool products are luxury items. That’s actually only the case for woven and multiple colored products. If you are shopping for wool on a budget there are plenty of neutral, undyed options that can be had for close to the same price as nylon carpet ($4-$6 per square foot).

The Carpet Workroom Needham Showroom with thousands of carpet samples
This is a photograph of the interiors of our Needham Showroom. There are thousands of carpet samples to see.

Here are a few examples of economically priced synthetics and blends that have been utilized on some of our portfolio projects:

Traverse is a striated neutral design that be used for any type of project. It is a wool blend that is incredibly durable and easy to take care of. The reason why we highlight this particular product is because the price point is generally in the ballpark of what customers are looking for in a number of applications.

In stock rolls, wool-blend carpet, stair runner, area rug, carpeting
This wool blend carpet has been newly added to our in stock roll specials. This neutral option is great for stair runners, hallway runners, area rugs, and wall to wall carpeting.





Another example is Bellevue, also by Nourtex. This is another durable option that has been selected because of the traffic its performance outweighs its price.

Wool blend carpet, stair runner, area rug, carpet, wool, stair installation
This wool blend carpet is part of our in stock roll program. This modern texture is great for an area rug, stair runner, or wall to wall carpeting.










Orvieto by Kane is a low cut pile carpet, meant to be soft and comfortable on the foot. What really stands out, though, is the bold and unique pattern and color combination. If you’re looking to make a statement without breaking the bank, Kane Carpet is an amazing resource.

Kane's Orvieto black and white pattern on custom stair runner project
This black and white patterned stair runner is both luxurious and affordable!




Carpet Remnants

Last but not least is what made us famous! Our carpet remnants have always served an important role in our company. Carpet remnants are typically the small leftover pieces that are thrown in the dumpster during installation. Because of the quality of these products, we’ve never had the heart to follow suit. We took it to another level by buying up the ends of the rolls left in the warehouses of our vendors. We built a reputation for our conservation efforts and were named by the Needham/Newton Chamber of Commerce as the Green Business of the Year in 2017. Although we’ve moved this inventory down to our Avon location, we are still offering the same steep discounts on these materials. These relatively small pieces are great for straight stair runners, stair runners with 1 turn, hall runners, and small area rugs. The best part of our remnant selection is that are that there are so many high end luxury carpets sold at bargain prices. It always fascinating to see project comes to life from our remnants. To read more about our remnants check out our website!

Luxury Carpet Remnants at The Carpet Workroom
We have a diverse selection of carpet remnants of all colors, materials, and sizes ready to be made into area rugs and straight stair runners.


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