Custom Carpet

Ask and you shall receive. Our team is able to create any custom carpet you can imagine. The following photos show our fabricators cutting around the template we made for the unique space that definitely called for a custom carpet.

Carpeting brings both quiet and warmth to any space. Because it is an absorptive fabric, carpet reduces sound levels. Carpet also acts as insulation so it keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

This pattern continues to be our most sought after. This flat woven herringbone pattern is made of worsted wool and actually feels like silk. All worsted means is a fine smooth yarn. Colors comes in Cashmere, Chevron, Gabardine, and Tweed. I think our clients love this pattern so much because the herringbone and texture give it visual interest but you can still add more life into the space because it is fairly neutral so you do not have to worry about clashing. If you look closely, there are two different colorful orientals and both compliment the gray!

If you would like to see some more inspiration, check out our carpet and rug photo galleries! In the Rug Fabrication gallery you can see pictures of the machines we use, and get an idea of what the process of making an area rug looks like. Lastly, in the Finished Runners and Broadloom Carpets section you can see what our finshed work.

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