Star Pattern Carpets

Stars (not the celebrity kind) are becoming increasingly popular in interior design! What I love most about these carpets is the fact there are so many variations of it. As you can see below, the star pattern carpets have blue with white/cream colored stars yet they are SO different.

Room with wall to wall carpet, designed with stars of different colors.
Room with wall to wall carpet, designed with stars of different colors.

Let’s discuss these spaces for a second. Star pattern carpets definitely flip convention when it comes to interior design. We are used to seeing stars as decorations, not the focal points of a room. Note the gray walls as well. If you do not choose the right accessories, gray walls can seem cold but a pattern likes stars makes it feel fresh and inviting. Nautical inspiration in general puts a smile on my face. Another key factor is the linear pattern, linear patterns make a room appear to be longer than it actually it is! No matter what style you are looking for, you can find it at the Carpet Workroom!

Do you love star pattern carpets as much as we do? For even more star carpets, check out our Pinterest  and Facebook. Also, check out our project showcase for more ideas!

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