Texture, Color, and Pattern In Interior Design

Texture, color, and pattern in interior design are three aspects you will have to consider when designing a room. All three work together simultaneously in order to create your perfect space that shows off your personality.

Color is considered the most important aspect of interior design. All other facets seem to fall into place once you have chosen your color scheme. Color not only gets your message across but it also sets the mood for the entire space. Long story short, color defines a space. Our eyes automatically gravitate towards bright or dark colors so first and foremost, you must decide what area should be your focal point. Do you want it to be your furniture, walls, or rugs?

Color also plays with texture and pattern. A room with no texture or pattern comes off as flat because those qualities give life and dimension. Keep in mind, patterns can affect how you see proportion so save complex patterns with lots of colors or crossing lines for large spaces. There are exceptions to the rules, which you will see below. A bigger pattern works if there is some sort of mirroring going on.

Shown above in the star stair runner, vertical lines add height, while horizontal lines add space in width. Texture too gives visual appeal. How so you ask? Texture helps you differentiate all the details of your objects and surfaces. A classic neutral wall can be brightened with a bold patterned rug! You do not have to necessarily pick a statement color to make a space unique.

If you need more ideas, check out our look books! There you will find the latest jobs we have fabricated and installed. It is both a fun and helpful resource to find inspiration for your next project! If you have any questions about texture, color, and pattern in interior design, don’t hesitate to ask!

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