Is Your Home Decor Making You Blue?

Have you ever thought about your home decor making you blue? Believe it or not, there are sneaky ways you’re not setting a positive vibe in your space. Here are some ways to change your home decor in order to increase happiness!

1. Plants give off oxygen so when there isn’t any in your home, you can feel a bit suffocated. Go ahead and buy yourself some potted plants!


2. The only light source is coming from the ceiling. Lights that shine directly down don’t always give off all the brightness it’s capable of.


3. The focal point of your bedroom is the television. Watching TV right before bed can sometimes lead to insomnia and nothing good comes out of insomnia.


4. You drop your baggage in the entryway and not the stuff you actually need to let go of. Set the entire tone of your home from the moment you step through the door. What does your entryway say about you?


5. You don’t love your paint colors. If you choose a color you aren’t madly in love with, you will be constantly thinking about it, rather than focusing on other positive outlets.


6. You only have solid colors around. Mixing and matching colors, patterns, and textures allows your personality to shine. If you prefer to go the more simple route, bring out your boldness in the carpet/rug.



By trying these six steps, you will leave your house feeling peaceful and pleasant!

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