Taking Everyone And Making Something

“If you can create a job for yourself, you can have it.” These are the infamous words of my dad. He has said this to every single member of The Carpet Workroom. If you are not familiar with us, our team consists of a father, two brothers, a sister, and two cousins. This blog is inspired by an article I recently came across in Flooring Covering Weekly that talked about teamwork. Don Roberts, the writer, has an acronym for TEAMS, which is “Taking Everyone And Making Something”. Don’t you just love that? Take the NFL for example. The quarterback cannot thrive without his coach, trainers, and the front line. We are constantly asking ourselves, “Do we stand out?”, or “Are we having fun?”, or “Do we get up in the morning excited to get back in the game?” One of the biggest mistakes a team can make is not realizing they have the ability to truly lift up each and every member and make the company great. The most important part of teamwork is making sure everyone knows how important their role is to the overall success of the team. Here at The Carpet Workroom, we believe that everyone has a different role and we need to all be able to work together so that the whole team wins. If this was not our way of thinking, along with hard work and maintaining a positive attitude, Peter would not have been able to accomplish his dream of owning his own carpet store in Needham and Avon. It is hard to believe that the owner, President, and master craftsman began working in the carpet and rug business over 30 years ago as an apprentice!

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