See why there is an uptick with recycled carpet

The Carpet America Recovery Effort, also known as CARE, recently gathered 125 members and interested parties for its 12th annual conference. The members diverted approximately 438 million pounds of used carpet from landfills in 2013. This is a 25 percent increase  in carpet recycling since the year before! CARE is full of members from the carpet industry, collectors, sorters, entrepreneurs, goverment representative, and independent entities such as fiber companies.
  • Endrenyi, the former vice president of sustainable development for Mohawk Industries, is the owner and president of Sustainable Material Solutions. This is a consulting firm dedicated to helping the industry develop sustainable practices. Endrenyi explained, ” while there are ready markets for nylon going into either injection molded operations or closed loop processes back into carpet, such markets do not exist for PET, because, even if it was purified to the same degree as recycled nylon, PET has different properties.” Nylon has the ability to be shaped and molded, along with impact resistance. The problem is that a block of PET will shatter. Fortunately, there are potential solutions for the future.
  • Brendan McSheehy, vice president of innovation, sustainability, and intellectual property for Universal Fibers, was named chairman of the CARE board of directors. He believes, “CARE has set ambitious goals and objectives, and I hope to offer the leadership necessary to put credible mechanisms in place to reach our mission.” 
  • Thomas Holland, founder of Texas Carpet and Construction Recycling, was named 2014 Person of the Year. As a member of the CARE board, Holland has been an advocate for the collector/sorter entrepreneurs. He continues on working to find solutions for the challenges they face. Many claim he is the voice of reason. 
  • Wellman Plastics Recycling (WPR), a CARE partner and one of North America’s leading compounders and suppliers of engineering and thermoplastic resins, was named Recycler of the Year.
The recycled material consisted of mostly nylon. The biggest challenge for CARE continues to be finding markets that will take PC polyester carpet. 


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