5 Ways To Improve Your Home This April With Rugs

Here’s our quick home upgrades  that can go a long way. Put these 5 ways to improve your home this April with rugs on your checklist!

Your Bathroom:

Bolon woven vinyl flooring  is popular for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas exposed to spills or moisture. They are available in a huge range of colors and patterns. As an added bonus, Bolon is resistant to moisture and easy to maintain.


Your Living Room:

Add leather binding to your carpet! A Leather surface can be easier to clean. Leather is more resistant to simple liquid spills, and in many cases, you can quickly wipe off spillages of harder substances such as varnish or paint if you are very quick. It also does not wear easily.



A synthetic fiber that is made either as staple or continuous filament. Its characteristics include good abrasion resistance, good color retention, ability to accept bright, vivid colors, stain resistance, and wearability. It is moth proof, stain and soil resistant, mildew resistant and non ­allergenic. Recommended for light traffic because it is less durable and less resilient than nylon. It also exhibits poor appearance retention and pattern walk ­out as compared with nylon. Varying colors and widths.


Your Kitchen: 

Choose a sustainable area rug. Our primary goal as a business is to educate the public on any matter carpet or rug related. Spreading awareness about the recyclability and usability of these materials is at the forefront of our efforts. We hope that this is just the beginning of something much larger. We see our business in 2 segments; The Carpet Workroom and The Reclamation Center. Although it’s still in its developmental stage, we hope that the latter will continue to progress and aid in our efforts to recycle and repurpose materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Choose a sustainable area rug, you are not simply buying a home accessory. You are making a meaningful statement about what you believe in. You are helping to create a world where quality, beauty, and a sustainable way of life are essential. We have a wide selection of sisal remnants in our workroom as well as many other options for order. Please stop in to check them out!


Your Backyard:

Start an herb garden in a sunny area and grow seasonal produce.


Your Front Yard: 

The mix of green grass and yellow  flowers  match perfectly. Green and yellow also go great together in a rug!


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