Green Rugs And Fresh Spring Colors

With a few 50 degree days in the past few weeks, there was hope that spring was around the corner! I have collected some of our green rugs and fresh spring colors that will help you get a head start with ideas for designing interiors that make you happy.

Make a room feel cool and refreshing  by painting the walls any shade of green or using a green rug that brings a happy energy. Pair either one of these with white or cream wood. All this may feel gutsy, it is actually relaxing because the room is restricted to the two color palettes which creates a calming feel. Weathered woods help too!


Combine furniture in yellows, lilacs, and pinks and make everything pop by placing them on a dark brown rug that has accents of green, yellow, and purple.


Create an upbeat, young energy by contrasting pink or salmon, white or grey on a green rug. Tie the room together by connecting the detail colors in the rug with the fabrics and wall colors. Darker accents of grey will heighten contrast and drama. If gold is thrown in, that is perfectly fine!


0289S Synthetic Carpet Remnant with Contemporary Pattern (7'x13')

Ocean blue and green are complimentary colors that work together to create both calming and energizing feelings in a room.


Here are a few others








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