Pinterest Carpet Cleaning Challenge

As I was surfing the web, trying to figure out what my next blog should be about, I came across the “Ultimate Pinterest Carpet-Cleaning Challenge” and thought I would share with you all my discoveries. The experiment consisted of four carpet samples and researching the most popular pins that offered homemade carpet cleaner formulas. Here are the original pins of the final four.

1. Hydrogen peroxide + dish soap

2. Shaving cream

3. Club soda + vinegar + dish soap

4. Ironing a towel laid over a carpet sprayed with ammonia + hot water

In this experiment, the carpets were doused with chocolate, wine, coffee, and Sharpie. To make sure they were really deep inside the carpets, the children of the experiment stomped on them for a while and finally let them set over night.

Keep in mind if you are planning on trying this: To make sure this will work well, spray a lot on the trouble spots and scrub forcefully.


The results were

1. The obvious winner was #3, which was mixing 1 cup each of club soda, white vinegar, and blue Dawn dish soap.

2. None of them worked very well on the Sharpie.

3. In regards to formula #4 (ironing over an ammonia and hot water mix), it might have worked better if the women  doing the experiment had more time. The stains were continuing to come out but after five minutes of ironing, she quit.

4. With all four, she let them sit for a bit before continuing on.

We are happy to report that the winner did just as good of a job as the most expensive supermarket cleaner, for a fraction of the price!