Carpet Cleaning Guide

Carpet Cleaning Guide | The Carpet Workroom


Do you have a rug or carpet that needs cleaning or repairs? Are you tired of your dingy entry mat giving your visitors an unsightly welcome? We are now offering the best carpet and rug cleaning in Boston.

Here at The Carpet Workroom, we don’t just offer installation, fabrication, and retail services, we now offer carpet and rug cleaning and repairs.  This is yet another service that makes us your complete resource for all things carpet and rugs. We use heated water carpet extractors to give you the best possible cleaning for your rug or carpet. This is not only the most effective method, but it is also the most environmentally friendly. We offer pickup and delivery services as well as home visits. You can eliminate these additional costs by bringing the rugs to us.  This way, we can beat the prices of any of our competitors. We are also able to do repairs and rebind any damaged edges. You can bring us a rug, and in less than 2 weeks, your rug will be completely restored.

How Our Carpet Cleaning Services Work

  1. Identify a rug or carpet in need of cleaning or repair.
  2. Contact us and arrange for pickup (if needed), or bring us the soiled rug.
  3. Choose a basic cleaning or add on additional repairs, stain defense.
  4. Once complete, we will call to arrange for pick up or delivery

Our Cleaning Method

A heated water extractor soaks and washes the carpet fibers with hot water and an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. This lifts the dirt, soil, and other stains from the fibers. Then, like a vacuum, the machine removes all foreign materials.  Not only does it clean your carpet but it also kills any bacteria on your rug. After your rug is clean, we can also apply an additional stain guard to fight against future stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our questions and answers about cleaning rugs and carpets.