Boston Rug Trends

More than ever, area rugs are becoming an integral part of designing your home. As hardwood floors gain popularity, and carpet manufacturers offer more options, rug making has become an art, and trends are difficult to keep up with. Area rugs will muffle noise, define areas of your home, and add to the aesthetics of the design. All are reasons to carefully plan out your next rug purchase.

The first question is whether or not you want a traditional or temporary look. There is nothing wrong with traditional patterns such as trellis or floral, however, any designer would cringe at the sound of such advice. To achieve a modern look you must first seek out the trends in the design world. Geometric patterns such as octagons, circles, triangles, and zigzags are increasing in popularity. Animal prints as well are garnishing interest with the elegant zebra stripe or subtle cheetah pattern. Each of these looks is further enhanced by color choice. Deep, bold colors are gaining speed along with blacks and whites and textured neutrals. The last thing to consider is the texture of these rugs. Believe it or not, shags have actually made their way back and look neater and classier than ever. These shags as well as high/low pile combinations will help achieve this modern look even further.

Remember, just like any other fashion trend, rugs are ever-changing. If shags are back than who knows what is next. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and an excellent 4th of July!

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