We work with Building Professional to tackle large jobs fast and efficiently - Carpet Workroom

We work with Building Professional to tackle large jobs fast and efficiently

Although we sell to the retail public, we are built for the trades. With decades of experience servicing builders and architects, we’ve learned how to provide you and your clients exactly what you need to transform the space. Here are some highlights:
  • We are very flexible and work with building professionals in a number of ways. At the core, we offer a 10% discount on all carpet and rugs sold. We can provide this discount on all quotes and you can decide to pass it along to your client or receive as a commission at the completion of the project. If the project is for personal use, we offer additional incentives!
  • We will take any excuse to travel. If you have a client on Nantucket, we’ll make the trip. If your client has a condo in Manhattan, we’ll take the drive down I95. Simply provide photos of the space and the product you’re specifying, and we’ll construct a proposal.
  • Each month we highlight a trade partner on our Blog and throughout our social media platforms. In a world where exposure is gold, we’ll help maximize the visibility of your beautiful work and get it in front of the thousands of local homeowners that follow us. Your reputation is on the line and we’ll do everything we can do to enhance it!
  • We carry an extensive collection of products from all over the world. We have access to just about any vendor you could imagine. If not, we’ll still service your project!
    If you can imagine it, we can do it. All of our installation and fabrication services are done in-house in our Avon Workroom. We offer a wide variety of finishings like binding, bordering, and serging. Because we control the sales and services, we are able to keep your costs low so you don’t blow the budget.
Want to learn more? We invite you to schedule a time to visit our Workroom to have a glimpse behind the curtain. If you have a project you’re currently working on, please provide some information and we’ll help get you started!